Take a look at what our valued customers are saying about our swing-top glass bottles, accessories and EZ-Pac service.


Not only are these bottle the least expensive I have found anywhere, I am not sacrificing quality to have that benefit! The spring corks (I think that is what you call them) were very stiff when I first tried to close them. Hubby stepped in and after that first latching, they were easy peasy!

They wash up well, survived hitting the floor (though I don’t recommend it!), and look great all filled and lined up. Hubby has plans to be back to get more for his brewing as he is not allowed to touch MINE. My Kombucha is looking very lovely and enticing all lined up in your bottles. Not sure how I will handle people wanting to try a bottle… I may require a deposit to ensure I get the bottle back!


Dianne, AB


My sister-in-law gave the whole family these lovely little homemade vanilla extracts in the 250 ml E.Z.Cap bottles as Christmas gifts!  They work perfect and were a wonderful gift.  What’s better is I can use it over and over again!

Linz, AB

All-Glass Bottles!

Our first “all-glass” bottling session went very well Monday evening. The guys were happy with the bottles, and we all appreciated not having to fuss with washing and tightening plastic caps!
It’ll be nice to retire the plastic bottles — and we all like how the new ones have solid bases that resist tipping while filling.
Eric, QC