E.Z.Cap Bottle – 500ml Clear


Congratulations! You’ve just purchased the best swing-top, re-usable bottle your money can buy. E.Z.Cap bottles are made with more glass, which means they withstand more use than the average bottle. Bottling your special brew in our bottles shows your pride in your product and your commitment to less waste by investing in re-usable products. E.Z.Cap bottles are often imitated – look for the E.Z.Cap stamp on the bottom of your bottles and you’ll know you have the original. These bottles can take a crown cap as well, but nothing beats the swing-top closure for keeping your beverages fresh and well carbonated. Pressure tested to 120psi, we guarantee our bottles to 100psi – perfect for high-fermentation brews such as kombucha. All bottles come with our food-grade swing-top caps. Also available in Amber and Cobalt Blue, in 500ml and 1L sizes. Sold by the case of 12 or full pallets. Please contact us for pallet pricing and shipping rates.


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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 13 × 12 in

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