How to Attach a Swing Top to a Glass Bottle

How to attach a swing-top cap to a glass bottle, you ask?

Do you need to know how to attach a swing-top cap to your EZ-Pac bottles? EZ-Pac bottles and accessories are a great addition to your brewing tools; they are strong, reusable and keep your beverage fresher for longer! But you may have some questions about how to use or assemble your bottles…Here are some great videos from our sister website, !


How to Attach a Swing Top To a Glass Bottle

Is My Swing Top on Backwards?

How To Close and Open a Swing Top

How to Replace a Rubber Seal

How to Attach a Handle to a Cap

Custom Designed Brush in Action!

Tips & Tricks – Tip for closing a tight swing-top

The seal on an E.Z.Cap bottle is designed to be tight so that none of the pressure from your beverage escapes, keeping your beverage fresh for longer. Sometimes this tight seal means it can be really hard to close the bottle on the first try. This video shows a little trick that we use to get that first seal!

Normally, after you have sealed it the first time, subsequent closing of the cap is easier to do with your hands.


Is it a real EZ Cap bottle?

E.Z.Cap bottles are one of the highest quality bottles in North America and it is easy to be fooled by cheap knock offs that look like E.Z.Cap but do not meet the same quality standards. E.Z.Cap bottles are made with much thicker than average glass so they can stand up to the high pressure of conditioning. The 500ml and 1L sizes are guaranteed to 100 psi! Our proprietary cap and seal are designed to fit tightly and maintain pressure so that your brew will stay fresh even after opening and resealing!

Ways to tell you have an authentic E.Z.Cap Bottle:

  1. Check for our logo on the bottom of your bottle to verify you have a real EZ Cap bottle.
  2. Weigh your bottle! The thicker glass means our bottles weigh quite a bit more than those pretending to be our bottles. A 500 ml should weigh 0.8 lbs empty and a 1 L weighs 1.6 lbs empty.

Check your bottles so you can be confident you have the best bottle in the business for your next brew!